Our Mission and Values

To Connect with God and one another,

To Inspire faithfulness, and

To Serve in joy – as members of the one body of Christ

Recently, Sandy Springs Christian Church (SSCC) was in the process of searching for a new senior minister. To discover what God was calling us to do and to be, the congregation entered into a structured period of prayer and introspection. Out of that process we identified five core principles and as a congregation we made a commitment to each of them. We refer to the realization of these principles as the "future story" of SSCC, and "future story" has become part of the lexicon of this congregation. Members of SSCC believe that these five principles illustrate our core values as a church:

We strive to connect with one another - Jesus called his disciples to be in community with him as he traveled his life journey. We, too, seek companionship as we travel both our spiritual and life journeys. We recognize the need for connectivity, and we are working to develop many opportunities to connect one to another.

We strive to do mission in Sandy Springs - The success of our yearly mission trip to Mexico has taught us that by giving to others we receive spiritual nourishment. It is the desire of SSCC to identify opportunities for anyone who wants to engage in mission at any level of participation. We want to be known as a good neighbor in the community that surrounds our church.

We strive to empower our leaders - We recognize that a church's effectiveness is a result of the willingness of its members to give their time and talents. We want to make volunteering at SSCC a rewarding experience by ensuring that training and support are available and easily accessible.

We strive for excellence - The members of SSCC expect excellence in everything we do. This principle directs us to do only what is best and beneficial. We regularly evaluate all aspects of our ministry to ensure that they are vital, relevant, and representative of what God is calling us to do and to be.

We strive to be inclusive - "Grace spoken here" is a statement that SSCC takes very seriously. The statement refers not only to God's grace, but also to our commitment as a church to be gracious and loving towards all people. No matter who you have been, who you are now, or who you will be tomorrow, we will embrace you as you are and welcome you into our family.