8 BY 8

8 BY 8

What is 8 BY 8? It is a randomly assigned group of up to 8 adult members or regular visitors who meet over a casual dinner to get to know one another better. At least initially, groups meet at 6:30 and are done by 8 (people done BY 8).

Where will 8 BY 8 be? There will be a leader of the group who will communicate with all 8 of you to coordinate the time and place of the first meeting. The dinners will likely be in a host’s home. The host provides the main dish, others bring sides and dessert.

When is 8 BY 8?  After the first meeting, as a group, you may plan to meet for future meals. As a group, you may choose a restaurant, another member’s home, a brunch, or different day of the week.

How do I get invited?  When we are about to start up 8 BY 8’s, there will be an opportunity to sign up in the Lobby. At sign ups you will have the opportunity to offer to host, coordinate, or other special requests such as dietary restrictions or transportation needs. Once groups are assigned, the host will contact the group to coordinate the time and place of the first dinner.

Questions? Ask a member of the Care and Connect Team, or Janis Hill, Chairperson.

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