Our Beliefs

Our Vision. To be an open and affirming congregation that models courageous conversation, extends bold welcome, and serves our neighbor.

Our Mission. Sharing God’s love through inclusivity, service, and spiritual growth.

Our Values

Living God’s Unconditional Love: We seek to follow the teachings of Jesus.

Accepting: We affirm every person as a gift of God, valuing who they are and where they are on their faith journey.

Open Minded: We listen to and respect one another, honoring different Biblical, social, and political goals.

Sandy Springs Christian Church is affiliated with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

We worship through contemplative sermons based on a progressive Christian theology, taking the bible seriously, but also recognizing the context in which it was written. We have a strong tradition of service to the community, a rich music ministry and an array of thought-provoking educational programs. Spiritual growth is pursued through our ministries and by fully embracing God’s creation in all its diversity where every person is valued as a Gift of God.

We seek to grow in grace as we continue our journey to serve as a welcoming, open, and affirming congregation, sharing God’s love through inclusivity and service. We strive for spiritual growth from the experiences and traditions we share and seek inspiration, comfort, and guidance through the study of the Christian Bible. Through it we come to understand ourselves, our relationship with God, and our relationships with others.

We embrace all people at any point on their faith journey and welcome people of all national origins, sexual orientations, races, religious or non-religious backgrounds, who seek to follow the way of life embodied by Jesus Christ.

As Disciples of Christ, we attempt to apply the teaching of Jesus to our daily lives. The Holy Spirit challenges, empowers, and comforts us on our journey of faith. We work to bind our community by extending bold welcome and engaging in courageous, respectful, balanced conversation with one another, those of other faith traditions, and all social and political leanings.