Sandy Springs Christian Church is a Green Chalice Church!

untitled (1) (1)We care for the environment, and believe that we have a responsibility to care for God’s creation. We do this by promoting the use of reusable and compostable dishes, keeping a community garden, a robust general and clothing recycling program, and many other initiatives that show our commitment to caring for the Earth.

To find out more about the Green Chalice Program, you can visit the initiative’s website by clicking here.

The Green Chalice Covenant adopted at Sandy Springs Christian Church:

As children of God and followers of Christ Jesus, we covenant to:

Worship God with all creation and pray for the healing of the earth.

Study the climate crisis and engage others in climate solutions.

Repent and forgive for the harm we have inflicted on the earth that sustains life.

Advocate for ecojustice public policies and witness by living sustainable lifestyles.

Rest in God’s good creation and invite others to delight in nature.

Sandy Springs Christian Church received Green Chalice designation a couple of years ago. While Rev. Bryce Bowers was our Pastoral Intern, he brought our congregation into compliance with Disciples Home Missions and the Green Chalice standards. We do an excellent job of recycling Sunday bulletins as we leave the sanctuary and using ceramic coffee mugs which helps us avoid filling landfills.
For other recyclables, we have a large blue cart near the upstairs elevator for office paper, cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, etc. Please try to put your recyclables in that recycling container instead of one of our regular trash cans.
  • NEW! We are collecting (clean) food-grade plastic caps (from water, soda, teas, orange juice bottles, milk jugs, fruit juice, sports drinks, etc.) smaller than the size of your palm. We will accept vitamin or medicine caps if they do not have the insert in top. These recycled plastic bottle caps will be used to help clean lagoon water in Florida (in Amy Frost’s hometown).
  • Bring aluminum can tabs to church for Ronald McDonald House Charities.
  • Bring clean (real) corks – not the plastic kind – and place them in the Outreach cabinet.
  • Community Assistance Center (CAC) can use clean plastic and paper bags – like you would get from the grocery store, and/or other retailers. These bags are used in the Food Pantry and the larger bags are needed in the Boutique. Bags may be left in the kitchenette upstairs.
  • Unfortunately, we are no longer taking cloth/clothing for ReLoom.