Sandy Springs Christian Church was founded in 1960 and some of those founding members are still attending. We thought you might enjoy some thoughts from our members and their perspectives on Sandy Springs Christian Church.

Bryant and Nancy McDaniel write: “We joined SSCC in 2003 after attending for a couple of years.  We made the decision based on many factors: consistently inspiring and thought-provoking sermons, lots of great outreach opportunities, engaging Sunday School classes, a broad diversity of thought within the congregation, interfaith events, an active youth program, a variety of social activities, and knowing that we are supported by a group of warm, caring and fun congregants.  One of other things that I have really appreciated about SSCC is that we are encouraged to question, to learn, and to be open to new ways of thinking as we travel along on our faith journey.  Consequently, we will sometimes have conversations here that I would not have thought you could have in a church.  Last, but not least, the Mexico Mission service – that is led by the youth participants – is not to be missed!”

My Church – by Kathy Elliott

I grew up in the Disciples of Christ Church in Decatur Georgia.  I have always enjoyed a very fulfilling time through the Children’s Choir, camp, the Youth Group, and later as a Sunday School teacher.

After getting married, Sid and I moved around because of his job.  So after moving back to Atlanta with children, we decided, because of our location to check out SSCC, since it was closer to our house.  I will never forget our first day.  When we drove up all I could focus on was that weird roof that went almost to the ground.  I said, “Oh Sid, I’m not so sure about this place, it looks so contemporary, not at all like Decatur Christian.”  Of course I was raised at a traditional looking church.  Sid said, “Well who knows maybe you will be surprised!”

As we entered an older woman approached, (35 years ago) and she introduced herself as Catherine Elliott, I caught my breath as I said I am Kathryn Elliott, then I introduced Sid and she blinked and gasped, my son’s name is Sid, she responded. We just stood there completely dumbfounded.  Then my husband said, your husband doesn’t happen to work for BellSouth and she just shook her head and started laughing.  Who knew!!!  But one thing I did know and that this was my sign that we were home.

As we got more involved, the warmth and friendliness of the church shone out and embraced us with wonderful programs for our son and daughter, mission trips and Summer Camps.  My son was in the first group to go to Mexico and my daughter was very active in the region as well as national DOC programs.  She then graduated from TCU where she had a great experienced!

Sid and I have loved being a part of this congregation particularly because it is just the right size to meet and get to know many of the members.  We also enjoyed the Sunday School classes and dinners plus special speakers add to the enrichment of our church.  In worship we have enjoyed the traditions of strong preaching and great music.

With heartfelt joy and grace,

Kathy Elliott

Floyd Hale writes: My wife, Charlotte, and I have been members of Sandy Springs Christian Church for approximately 10 years.  We have found that it has a warm, welcoming, and inclusive congregation. We appreciate and enjoy the broad diversity of our congregation.   Our congregation welcomes and includes African Americans and Asian Americans, as well as European Americans.  It welcomes and includes singles and families with different sexual orientations.  It includes children of all ages, as well as many senior citizens—some even older than my 79 years of age.  We have many committed Republicans, Democrats, and independents—covering a broad range from staunch conservatives to the most liberal progressives.  We even have a very wide range of theological beliefs, which are shared in civil and tolerant discussions in our five adult Sunday school classes.  Those adult classes range from Bible study to very eclectic and creative classes (which relate to, challenge, and enrich our modern lives) to the study and discussion of progressive Christianity.

I appreciate that our church and denomination have no creed with which members must agree.  Our members and visitors have the opportunity and responsibility to decide what they believe and what it means to be a Christian.  Many of us believe that how we live is more important than what we believe; that we have all done good and bad things; and that we should not judge but respect–and search for the good in–all other people.  I believe that many of us try to follow the life and teachings of Jesus, as we understand them based on our interpretation of the Bible.  But we all fall far short of that goal.  Many, if not most, of us consider the Bible seriously but do not interpret all of it literally.  Many of us realize that fallible humans told, heard, and later wrote the Bible, frequently based on the oral stories of others.

The diversity I have found at our church challenges me to understand and become friends with people, beliefs, and cultures which I might not have otherwise known.  I have found that enjoyable and educational.  I believe that it has helped me grow mentally and spiritually.  I have gotten to know many of our members by participating in several different Sunday school classes and social service projects—many of which have involved doing physical labor or serving with and for others.  For example, some of our members work together at a local food pantry and thrift store and operate a summer day camp for Guatemalan children who live in a housing complex in Ellijay, Georgia, where their parents moved to work in a chicken processing plant.  I have also enjoyed a book club and special study groups on various topics.

A wide variety of new members join and enrich our church frequently.

Last, but not least, our church has an excellent, authentic, committed, inspiring, and warm staff—not just our Senior Pastor, but also our Youth and Children’s Ministers, Director of Music and Arts, Organist, Operations Manager, Pastoral Intern. Bookkeeper, and The Day School Director.  We also have loving and dedicated children and youth workers and Sunday-school teachers and an excellent, joyful music program, including our adult and children’s choirs and our concert-quality Organist and pianists.