8by8 final

WHAT IS 8 BY 8?  It is a randomly-assigned group of up to 8 adult members or regular visitors who will meet once a month for 3 months over a casual dinner to get to know one another better. The twist is that, at least initially, groups will meet at 6:30 and be done by 8. (people gather and done BY 8 pm).
WHY 8 BY 8? This is an opportunity to get to know more of your church family in a more meaningful way than a quick greeting on a Sunday.  It is a once-a-month commitment for 3 months.  After that, you can join a new group (or not).  As a former minister once said, “SSCC should be known as the church that eats around”.  You learn and bond while breaking bread together.
WHEN IS 8 BY 8? The first groups will be assigned by early September and will likely meet Saturday, September 8 or Saturday, September 15.  Each group can decide at that initial dinner when to meet in October and when to meet in November.  There will not be an 8 x 8 dinner in December.  New groups will form at the beginning of 2019 (there will be new sign ups so you can drop out or join at that time) and you will have the chance to meet a new group of people!
WHERE WILL 8 X 8 BE?  Every effort will be made to assign you to a geographically convenient location.  The first dinners will be in a member’s home.  The group can decide at that meeting whether to meet there again, at a restaurant, or at another group member’s home the following month.  We hope to offer transportation for those who don’t drive at night or to unfamiliar places.  Your sign-up card will also ask if you would use babysitting at the church if it can be made available.
HOW DO I GET INVITED? Beginning this Sunday, August 5, there will be an opportunity to sign up indicating your interest in being a part of the casual dinner group.  Be prepared to indicate your preferred date for the first meeting:  Saturday, September 8 at 6:30 or Saturday, September 15 at 6:30 or either date (no preference).  At sign-ups, you will have the opportunity to offer to host.  Once hosts and guests are grouped, the host will notify his/her guests.  The hosts will provide the main dish and beverages.  Other guests will be asked to contribute to the meal by the host/hostess.
QUESTIONS?  Ask a member of the Care and Connect Team.  Nancy McDaniel @ mcdannan@gmail.com, Richard Allen, Laura Campbell, Jay Donnelly, Joyce Edwards, Pat Kapphahn, Phil Leek, or Andy Torbert.