Through December and continuing into January if necessary, we will be taking family photos for a new SSCC pictorial directory. We have four generous SSCC member photographers who are donating their time to take quick, informal shots after church on Sundays in December.Sign-up sheets for photo shoots are available in the lobby. Slots are in 15 minute increments with 2 photographers each Sunday. One photographer will shoot 8:15 to 10:00 am (last appt. 9:45 am), then 2 photographers from 11:30 to 1 pm (last appt. 12:45 pm.)


Please feel free to join Rev. Linda Whitmire and the ladies in the Conference Room on January 22nd, from 10:00 -11:30 am for bible study and fellowship.


If you are part of the Leadership Council, Visioning Team, Eldership or Program Staff you are invited to participate in the 2020 SSCC Leadership Retreat, Saturday, January 25th. We will meet at the offices of Taylor English, 1600 Parkwood Cir SE #200, Atlanta, GA 30339.

CANDLELIGHT CAFE – Save the Datecandlelight

February 8th we will host Candlelight Cafe in Dunlap Hall. Enjoy a night of fine dining and entertainment. All proceeds go towards our Youth Mission Trip. Please reserve your space now, there will be a sign up sheet in the lobby.