Through December and continuing into January if necessary, we will be taking family photos for a new SSCC pictorial directory. We have four generous SSCC member photographers who are donating their time to take quick, informal shots after church on Sundays in December.Sign-up sheets for photo shoots are available in the lobby. Slots are in 15 minute increments with 2 photographers each Sunday. One photographer will shoot 8:15 to 10:00 am (last appt. 9:45 am), then 2 photographers from 11:30 to 1 pm (last appt. 12:45 pm.)



Lent is typically a time of preparation for baptism. In the Disciples tradition, we usually baptize children during the time of 3rd-6th grade. If your child is interested in exploring an Easter Baptism, we hope you’ll consider joining us for our Baptism and Belonging class led by Pastor Nathan, Bryant and Teresa. Dates for our class will become available as we find a time that works best for the children involved.
This is really just a chance for your child to learn more about baptism. By coming to the class, by no means does that mean your child has to be baptized this year. We really want your child to feel comfortable and understand what it means before making such an important decision. Parents are also welcome to join us for the class. After the class, we can talk more about whether you all are ready for baptism on Easter Sunday. You can email Bryant & Katie at youth@sandyspringscc.org for more information or to secure a spot for your child.
Also, in the Disciples of Christ Church, if you haven’t been baptized, no matter your age, you are always welcome. If you have questions about baptism. Please contact Rev. Nathan at nathan@sandyspringscc.org or call the church office.