Proverbs: Ancient Wisdom Verses Today’s Ignorance – Leslie Classroom
There is a tendency to throw out the baby with the bathwater.
These days it seems that when offered a general truth, people frequently respond with an exception that contradicts that truth.
For example, a doctor writes “Too much chocolate is bad for you.”  When advised of this important guidance for living, a chocolate lover inevitable responds — “But I know a person who ate chocolate every day and lived to be one hundred and six.”
Both the doctor’s advice and the chocolate lover’s response are true, but (sadly) the fact remains that the vast majority of people are better off not eating too much chocolate.
The same thing happens with religious truth. The Book of Proverbs teaches, “In all your ways acknowledge God and God will direct your path.” Every so often when someone receives this advice, they will reply with something along the lines of, “But I have a friend who prays every day, goes to church every week, volunteers at a food kitchen every month; and was hit by a bus. How did God direct that path?”
What’s important to remember is that exceptions involving a bus, don’t negate the general truth of the proverb. Following the advice that acknowledging God will put you on a better path is almost always true for almost everyone.The fact that there is an exception to the rule doesn’t mean the rule is worthless.
The Book of Proverbs lays out a host of rules that are generally true. We’ve forgotten most of them. But, it’s a mistake not to read them and not to follow them just because there are exceptions. This week we’ll take a look at some of the guidance for living from this timeless book. We’ll also vote on our top ten proverbs for 2019.